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           Safety Products for the Utility Industry.

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Bee Bopper Wasp and Hornet Spray

Beware of the wasp with an attitude!  You know the one.  He hovers above your head contantly, zooming in and out.  He intimidates you, and he knows it.  Well, he's asking for it, and he's going to get it!  With Bee Bopper II you can knock him right out of the sky!  And if you happen to know where he lives, you can follow him and his buddies to the nest and spray Bee Bopper up to 20 feet away safely!  So arm your employees with Bee Bopper.  This powerful weapon kills bees, wasps, and hornets!

61011     Bee Bopper II - 14 oz.

For your local distributor:   Call 1-800-241-5064
Fax: 770-227-9190
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