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Roach, Spider, and Ant Killer

Roaches, spiders, fleas, ants, scorpions....SCORPIONS?!?!!?  YEOW!!   Kill these and other crawling insects on contact with ARI Roach and Ant Killer.  No more spoiled lunchroom meals overrun by legions of ants looking for a big buffet.  No more running away screaming and hysterical after discovering that spider the size of your fist in the corner of the storeroom.  And roaches in the cafeteria?   Forget about it!  Now you can stand up to these monsters and kill them DEAD with ARI Spider Spray.  Always keep a can handy.  Remember, you never know when you're going to run into a scorpion.  ARI Roach, Spider, and Ant Spray comes in a 15-oz aerosol can.

61501     Roach and Ant Killer - 15 oz.

         To find your local distributor Email ARI
Fax: 770-227-9190
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